What impact will the Apple Watch have on how we connect?

Apple Watch2

As you’re probably aware by now, yesterday Apple launch its much-awaited Apple Watch, the latest device to its expanding product line.

It’s not quite a stand-alone product, you’ll need to pair an iPhone to it to really make the most of it, but what potential impact will the Apple Watch have on our everyday lives? We’ll need to wait a little while for the proliferation of apps to become available on the Watch – the real driver of the iPhone’s success, but with a large app base, and the reported 18 hour battery life, we’ll see an immediacy of connectivity currently unparalleled.

If the battery life reports are true, users should be able to wear it for most of the day, this means more notifications and an increased sense of being connected. This is very likely to drive people to engage with applications more frequently and subsequently, their expectation from brands during digital interactions is only going to continue to mature.

Might this also drive a wedge between types of user? It’s possible that the ‘lesser connected’, non watch user wants a quicker and simpler interaction and heavier wearables users wanting more regular touch points and updates. We already have light and heavy users, early adopters and followers, but might this shift in user behaviour put a clearer definition between the two? The Apple Watch should be able to bridge both, catering to passive and more active users, but it’ll be interesting to see how seamless the interactions between devices are, and whether we’ll really start to see a new use case for smart watches aside from health tracking and NFC payments.

Will the Apple Watch be a success? Probably, the strength of the Apple brand will undoubtedly break the high price point barrier to entry, but really, it’s too early to tell. History has show us with the iPad that if any company can create a new market for a product, it’s Apple. Hopefully the introduction of the Apple Watch will push innovation, and take the wider wearables market to a new level.

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